Angelo Grasso este deschis în incinta Teatrul Naţional Bucureşti. Intrarea se face din strada Tudor Arghezi, pe lângă intrarea actorilor.

Mijloace de transport:
Magistrala 2. Stația Piața Universității

Numerele: 137. 336. 601. 381. Stația Piața Universității

Numerele: 61. 66. 69. 70. 85. 90. 91. 92. Stația Teatrul Național

Numărul 783: Stația Piața Universității
+4 0739 955 555
Teatrul Național București
Intrarea se face din strada Tudor Arghezi 12-16 – lângă intrarea actorilor

the Embassy


the Embassy House

Established in 2008 in the heart of Bucharest, and being one of the most iconic places in Bucharest, The Embassy House is a perfect combination of superb architecture, design and atmosphere.

The 1860 two-leveled house, decorated with a blend of eclectic-modern, offers a space with a iconic perfume of centuries with comfortable sofas, chairs, soft lighting and a relaxed, wonderful ambiance.

The Embassy House is the perfect choice for celebration/party, corporate or family gathering with an amazing food menu and a great selection of wines and creative cocktails.

The design rises vertically to enhance the high ceilings, and thanks to warm, inspired decor, the place will definitely make you feel like a tourist in your own city.




the Embassy Garden

The Embassy Garden propose a unique multi restaurant concept where our guests can experience different cuisine in a perfect diversity and harmony of tastes.

The design proposal let the guest to choose between different areas and moods suits for all types of guests with the bar in the center of location connecting the entire diversity of food and design.

An ideal destination for lunch, brunch or dinner The Embassy Garden is well-known for a laid-back atmosphere, great bar cocktails, and wonderful diversity of food.

In the heart of the Bucharest downtown, The Embassy Garden will make you feel like you’re spending time in an oasis-like garden.

the EMBASSY Events

The Embassy House and The Embassy Garden invites you to a memorable event, whether it be an anniversary, conference, wedding, party or company training or courses.

Arranged on two levels, The Embassy House can host up to 350 people, with 220 seats at tables, 120 seats downstairs and 100 upstairs and The Embassy Garden can accommodate 500 people on the terrace, 350 seats at the tables.

The location may be fully or partially reserved, and offers a variety of menu bar and kitchen, so any event be a success.

Our experience, diversity and complexity of hosted events give us confidence that we can cover any demand.

For any other information, contact us at


In order to make a reservation, please call +40 733 500 300 or send an e-mail to: